made by napolitano

When Giuseppe Napolitano tired of working in the textile industry, he decided to turn his passion for cooking into a career. He started Storie e Sapori, a Neapolitan Restaurant.


Because of this, he decided to take over a small restaurant, located on Pizzofalcone Hill, in Naples’s historical center, near Piazza del Plebiscito and the Politeama Theatre. In short—the triangle of culture and art in Naples.

for' o' mare

After a few years, he felt the need to go further and open a new restaurant closer to the sea. This is how “Osteria Pazzo” was born, located in the seaside village where all Neapolitan restaurateurs would like to be.

continua formazione

Giuseppe has always worked hard to improve himself. He studied with the best chefs, who taught him everything a great restaurateur needs to know.

le materie prime

We find the best tomatoes in the world at the San Marzano growing area. We find the finest extra virgin olive oil on the great plains of Avellino. And we find the most delicious, handmade pasta in Naples, with a recipe handed down from generation to generation.

The products we use were carefully selected because, as the philosopher Ludwig Feuerbach once said: “We are what we eat.”

l'approdo a malta

After enjoying the food Giuseppe prepared, some Maltese tourists, on a sunny summer day, asked to speak with him. One sentence made its way into Giuseppe’s heart: “There is no one like you in Malta.”

After taking a few days off, Giuseppe had the opportunity to see Malta with his eyes. He fell in love with the island’s culture and history.

amore a prima vista

Those who love crystal clear waters, the tranquility of a breathtaking landscape and why not, good food will find in Malta the same characteristics of Naples. The sea and history, the fresh catch that is cooked at the moment by the expert hands of the fishermen—this was enough for Giuseppe to roll up his sleeves and start his first business in Malta on the island of Gozo.

facciamo il bis

Giuseppe has found a real home in Malta, and in less than a year he manages to open a second business. In Paceville.

e subito il tris

After one year at the helm, Storie e Sapori – Valletta opened its doors. The “Restaurant that was missing” was now in the city. A stone’s throw from “Barakka Garden”, another popular tourist destination on the island.

poker d'assi

The business just kept getting bigger and bigger—and, soon enough, Giuseppe, decided to open a fourth location: “Stories and Tastes – Gzira,” right on the waterfront in Gzira, a popular destination in Malta.

si, ma che si mangia?

Our menu is available in all of our rooms, and the proposals are based on delicious dishes of Partenopean cuisine (food from Naples) or as we like to say “Made in Naples.”

The Storie e Sapori project is now synonymous with stability on the island of Malta and in Naples.